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My name is Kim Shope and I am former dancer with Kansas City Ballet, studio owner and currently Head of the Dance Department at Kansas City Young Audiences.

I have recently designed two new products for dancers that I would love to share with you.

Port de Band
I have recently designed a training tool for dancers that gently enhances upper body strength and reminds dancers to initiate Port de bras from their backs and stretch and elongate their arms in 2nd, 5th and arabesque positions. While it certainly is no replacement for proper training and technique, it does offer the dancer awareness and added control as the Port de Band can be worn during dance class. Adjustable and thin resistance bands are attached at the waist and wrists which encourage the dancer to take their arm position to the proper placement, not too straight and not too curved. The band is adjustable in length so it can fit students with different arm lengths.

I believe the Port de Band will also be beneficial to many other demographics. Its hands-free so physical therapists may use it for upper body strengthening for patients with weak or injured hands. It has also proven useful in yoga and exercise classes for home use.

I have also created The Ballet Feet Stretcher to solve the common problem of dancers sickling their feet.

I spent years putting my feet under couches, pinching my achilles tendons and bruising my heels to get a better point. After many years of stretching and strengthening exercises, I can say my feet became much more flexible. I have designed and created a better and safer Foot Stretcher for Dancers and Ballerinas!

I believe my Ballet Feet Stretcher Design is an INVALUABLE tool for Dancers, Ballerinas, Gymnast, Figure Skaters or anyone who desires a beautiful arch. My design is more COMFORTABLE as it does not pinch the tendon nor does it allow sickling which can be a major problem with some foot stretchers. My design is also ADJUSTABLE so you can have a gentle or stronger stretch to match the desire of the dancer. My Fashionable design is light weight, comes in two pieces and fits in a dance bag or even a purse making it very PORTABLE! I made the Ballet Feet Stretcher AFFORDABLE so dancers can purchase two and stretch both feet at the same time.

PORTABLE- ADJUSTABLE- AFFORDABLE! Each Ballet Feet Stretcher arrives in a lovely purple organza bag with one Foot Stretcher with Adjustable Stretch Band, a Heel and Ankle Cushion, Easy Glider Insert card and information on Care and instructions.


Miss Kim Shope AKA Miss Kim

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