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odetteinsneakers's Bio

I am a late re-starter. I started ballet when I was five and danced for four years then quit, because we had to emigrate since Dad found a new job and everything. Thankfully, thankfully, I still managed to keep in shape, by swimming when I was nine, and when I was ten and eleven, I got sucked into the world of Chinese martial arts and got quite good at it, my coaches wanted to send me for competitions and stuff, but I stopped martial arts at twelve because of exams (I miss it like crazy now but I know that I would have never made a good competitor, my heart was not completely in it...) besides wushu, I was a netball player in the school team, with like three hours of training three times a week, including sport camps and national school competitons. So you could never call me "out of shape" or "fat" or "not athletic".
But I was soon to fall in love with yet another sport(which is also an art, that's the great thing about it!)...When I was at my school's library, I found this book "The ballet bug". I enjoyed it, in fact, it sparked some weird desire to want to know more about ballet. So I borrowed some of Jean Ure's ballet stories. I was hooked. There was no stopping me now, I was under this crazy ballet spell. So I read through all the ballet books in my school library and started to remember my dancing years. I hated myself then, because I asked myself "Why did you quit, you idiot!" And suddenly I knew, that I needed to dance.
And it was really weird, because I was never really captivated by dancing, I was more of an actress. But there was something about ballet, that surpassed my understanding. I still always ask myself," Why do I love ballet so much?"
And I can never answer that question, I just can't. I just do love ballet very. very much.
So I asked my friends in school to teach me ballet before I went for any classes, and this really kind girl Chloe agreed. She taught me RAD and later I asked my Mom to let me go for ballet class.
In November I re-entered the ballet world, in FBT shorts and a white t-shirt(I had no leotards nor tights, just a pair of Bloch shoes) the teacher said that she would "test" me, see if I would be any good in ballet. After class she told me," You have all the needed attributes, but if you want to become a professional you will need to work extremely hard and have a very strict diet (I'm a mesomorph, you know, the athletic build, so I had to totally flatten my leg muscles;which I did a year later, but I was no ectomorph so I had to keep working)."
So then on, I told myself, I will never quit ballet, because I have quit so many things in my life, including ballet, so if I wanted to dance again, it must have meant something. So I always went to that dance class, only it was Vaganova instead of RAD. My ballet lessons were like my therapy. Everytime when I was stressed over something at school, I would forget it during ballet. I just love dance now. It is my everything, and I hope to become a good dancer one day. But just a note to all you late starters, you will never know what lies in store for you, because maybe the Providence has other plans for our futures;maybe he has other plans for my future, so never quit school, at least be good in something else, just in case.
I wrote this quote that goes "Love ballet, and it will love you."
I hope you guys weren't too bored with my autobiography!

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4 Nov 2006

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