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overclockcard's Bio

How To Overclock Your Locked 32-Bit Cpu
Graphics cards have now become a must to every computer user. Earlier, graphics cards were only popular among the PC gamers but now they are also widely used to perform multimedia tasks. Even the common Pc users are also installing graphics cards for better resolution. The market is now dominated by a remarkable variety of graphics cards. You dont need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good quality graphics card. In this article we will discuss about five top GPUs available in the world today. Dont know how to install graphics card? Consult a PC repair company to get remote computer support in this regard.

What You Will Need

Everyone has different opinions on what tools are the most effective for overclocking your video card, but I've found these tools are the easiest and most effective:

A Windows machine. Our tutorial today is for Windows machines, since that's where the vast majority of gaming is done.

An NVIDIA or AMD video card. Slightly different instructions may be required by some higher end cards, but this guide should work for the majority of cards out there. Make sure to do just a little research on your own particular card to see what any differences may be.

MSI Afterburner. Afterburner is our favored overclocking application for Windows, but you could likely use any overclocking application you desire (as most of them are extremely similar). Despite its name, MSI Afterburner does not need an MSI video card. It will work with just about any video card out there, irrespective of the maker.

A video card benchmarking software, heaven. There are lots of standard utilities out there, but Heaven is our favorite, so that is what we'll use.

GPU-Z, a handy utility that gives you a ton of information about your video card. We won't be actively using this very much, but I recommend having it open as you overclock to make sure your video card actually registers the changes you make in Afterburner.

Patience. Seriously, this is going to take awhile. Grab yourself a cup of tea and a few comic books.

Step One: Do Your Research

Before you need to do whatever else, you read how to overclock gpu should hop on over to Google and do some research on your own card and after that. Sift through websites like and find what type of clock speeds other folks are getting. DON'T merely employ begin benchmarking and these clock speeds —every single card is significantly diffent, and someone with the identical model card will get an overclock that is different from the following man or girl. The goal here will be to see what other people are getting so you know what's reasonable —that way, if you get way higher than everyone else, you know something probably isn't working correctly.

While you're at it, find out what the highest voltage that is safe is for your card—that'll come in handy when we start pushing the voltage. I'm using the word "safe" loosely here—obviously, the only truly safe voltage is the default, and increasing it can reduce the lifespan of your card.

If you might have a newer, high end card—notably among the NVIDIA Kepler cards—some of your settings will differ than they're for other cards. Make sure to study a guide on your own card to see what each of the settings mean if MSI Afterburner appears a bit different for you.

Open MSI Afterburner and take notice of your stock speeds. Heaven should run to make certain your card is secure at stock speeds, before you begin overclocking. You will also get a standard score, which can be a terrific means to measure your improvement as you overclock. Here's what you need certainly to do:

Begin Heaven, and you will be greeted with its first settings menu.

Tweak its settings however you need. I normally like to establish Quality, Tesselation, and Anti Aliasing to their maximum values, since I 've a midrange card, but if you are overclocking a lesser-end card, you may not need certainly to shove on the settings up to now. Make sure that Resolution is set to "System."

Click the Run button. Heaven will start cycling through a series of scenes designed to push your graphics card to its limit. Don't worry if it appears slow or choppy —that's what we need.

Click the "Benchmark" button in the upper lefthand corner of the screen to run a benchmark. This will go through all 26 scenes one time, measuring your card's functionality.

You'll see a window with your score on it when the standard is done. I enjoy to write this down so I could compare it -overclocking scores.

Rejoice if your card made it through the standard run! Your card is, at minimum, not unstable at stock settings and you understand on reading how to overclock gpu carry

Download your applications. You must have an a couple of different applications, every one of which can be found free of charge to overclock. These applications will provide you with performance standards, permit you to fix your card time and voltage, and track temperature performance.

Download a benchmark program - There are several available, but one of the quickest and most intuitive is Heaven. It is available for free from Unigine, the developers. Another popular program is 3DMark.

Download an overclocking program. While both Nvidia and AMD have overclocking utilities of their own, MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular and widely-used software. Despite the name of it's, it's going to work with almost every graphics card from Nvidia and AMD.[2]

Download a program that is monitoring. Occasionally it is great to have another computer screen to make certain that your entire settings require although overclocking and standard software will report temperatures and speeds. GPU Z is a lightweight application that'll track every other facet of your graphics card, clock speed, memory speed, and the temperature.

We’ve all gone a bit giddy over Nvidia’s new 900-series graphics cards. 970 and the GTX 980 are both enormous overclockers—the 970 overclocked can run nearly as quickly as the benchmark 980—and those overclock increases help separate them from the still-fast AMD R9 cards and Nvidia GTX 700 series. But you don’t need a new graphics card to be able to indulge in a little GPU tweakery. If your card is a year or two (or three) old, overclocking is the best way to squeeze a little more life (and higher graphics settings) out of it without spending any money.

Years ago, eager overclockers did genuinely run the risk of cooking their chips. Overclocking wasn't the most user-friendly process. But now times have changed. There are so many safeguards in place in your silicon that you’d have to really try to brick your hardware while doing some standard overclocking. There is still a little risk to overclocking, however: depending on which aftermarket vendor made your card, you may void your warranty. You'll probably just crash your machine and must restart, if anything bad happens; you are unlikely to unless the card is kept by your overclock at dangerous temperatures for long amounts of time to do serious damage.

Every GPU is not same, plus some cards are champ overclockers for those you dont need to read how to overclock gpu. I had been able to break the 1.5GHz hurdle with my GTX 970 G1 Gaming version, partially because Gigabyte specially assess their overclocking card’s processors to make sure they’re the ones with the most headroom. I had been able to get powerful close to 1.5GHz with my benchmark GTX 980 too, but the additional cooling system of the Gigabyte card meant my GTX 970 also runs an awful lot cooler.

Temperature is something to think about before you begin tweaking your GPU. If you’ve got an AMD Radeon R9 290 X in that case your card is not unlikely to be running under load at some 93ºC . You’re not going to get everywhere overclocking that GPU that is beastly.

Next in our Dell Latitude E5410 review, we tested the memory. And this is where this notebook blew us away! One can find 4 GB or DDR3 random access memory (RAM) working at a dazzling speed of 1333 MHz how to overclock gpu. And that's not all. Aside its power and performance, the memory can be doubled if power users wish so. Of course, the standard 4 GB RAM passed all our tests with brio due to their high front side bus (FSB). 10 out of 10 here!

Don't scrimp on the power supply. Too many people have thousands of dollars of electronics running on a $50 power supply. Get the best power supply you can afford, it should be 5% of the price of the system.

Tips to consider for gaming computers. If you don't know what you are doing, then get the best machine you can afford off the shelf. If you are knowledgeable, building your own machine is far superior to any box store product.

Upgrade the RAM. As noted in #4 above you will need to up-grade to a 64 bit OS to reap the rewards of 4GB of RAM. I have to say that I think everything runs smoother now that I have Win 64 bit and 4GB of RAM, and arguably it should run better. Worried about swapping out your RAM? Don't be, its easy. Just Google it and find a video. It really is simple.

Pair it with the right set of components. Having a good OS is pointless without device components such as a high-quality memory cards. A good memory card with a good read, write, and transfer speed can help speed up your devices and give a better app performance. For mobiles, I recommend SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC UHS-1 card. This card is 2x faster than typical microSD cards and available in Class 6 and Class 10 rating.

On the benchmark called Sysmark 2007, the Asrock X58 Extreme performed with a score of 199, the Asus P6X58D Premium with a score of 191, the MSI X58M with a score of 190, and the Asus P6T Deluxe with a score of 173. On the benchmark program called PCMark 2005, the Asrock X58 Extreme performed with a score of 9915, the Asus P6X58D Premium with a score of 9325, the Asus P6T Deluxe with a score of 8998, and the MSI X58M with a score of 8815.
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