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Comments on panic
By panic
On Sat Mar 12, 2016 08:21 PM
Hello, gorgeous!
By corinnabee
On Wed Jun 05, 2013 04:23 AM
Dumbass. Can I say that on DDN?
By panic
On Sun Mar 17, 2013 09:56 AM
I'm just stopping by to say hi, sexy!
By panic
On Sun Mar 17, 2013 09:54 AM
Just when I thought you couldn't get any funnier... or smarter... or sexier...
By panic
On Sun Mar 17, 2013 09:53 AM
I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me!
By panic
On Sun Mar 17, 2013 09:51 AM
Sometimes I amaze myself.
By panic
On Sun Mar 17, 2013 09:50 AM
I love me. Kudos, Panis! Keep up the good work.
By QueensJenn
On Tue Nov 15, 2011 06:24 PM
I swear to God panic, sometimes you are the only thing that keeps me still reading this website.
By miraclefrmheavn
On Sun Jan 30, 2011 03:41 AM
Just dropping by to say hi and may the year 2011 be a safe and blessed year for you, Panic! Take care of yourself!
By Celebrian
On Wed May 05, 2010 01:50 PM
Yes, the glasses are nice and all but I bet he still wishes he was cuter than my glorious self. Was that 'reveling' enough, Panis? Or maybe I should say 'revealing'?
By miraclefrmheavn
On Sun Dec 06, 2009 01:22 PM
You will be happy to know that I found that other shoe and had both of my jazz-styled tap shoes converted into swing dance/jazz shoes. I will be able to pick them up tomorrow from the shoe repair place. It was only $30.00 to get them re-soled. :)
By Celebrian
On Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:57 PM
I like your Rasta-avatar.
By DeStijl
On Tue Sep 08, 2009 06:44 AM
The high quality and hugely accurate animation in your profile page here makes me want to say "Oh hot Damn, this is my jam!" , and then grab my crotch.
By DancerAndromeda
On Thu Aug 27, 2009 09:56 PM
Nice new avatar...
By Celebrian
On Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:58 AM
To my favorite 'Problem Member'!
By TheMidlakeMuse
On Tue Mar 31, 2009 08:29 AM
Why shank you! Yours is...kind of frightening, to be honest. But that's what you get when you listen to weird German girls.
By majere
On Tue Feb 17, 2009 06:51 PM
Happy B-day.
By jennalovespink
On Tue Feb 17, 2009 06:44 PM
happy birthday!
By TheMidlakeMuse
On Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:03 PM
You have a birthday? I don't believe it. I think you're some sort of vampire who never ages. A really funny, double-entendre spouting, completely insensitive and inappropriate vampire. Please don't suck my blood, there's no Skittles vodka in it.
By Alinaismyidol
On Mon Feb 16, 2009 08:12 AM
Happy birthday!
By oz_helen
On Mon Feb 16, 2009 07:04 AM
Happy birthday for tomorrow, hot stuff. *mwah*
By smileywoman
On Thu Jan 01, 2009 05:05 PM
Panic my handsome friend. I honestly think that YOU are possibly weirder than I am! Seriously, WHAT are you doing in your profile picture?
By oz_helen
On Fri Dec 19, 2008 03:43 AM
What the hell are you doing in your new profile pic?
By angieballerina
On Tue Dec 16, 2008 07:31 PM
Had to stop by to say "hi". Really, I don't just "use" you for my computer problems! LOL ;) Happy Holidays! :)
By angieballerina
On Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:48 PM
*spanks Panic*... that's it. ;)

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