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As a professional dancer and Certified Personal trainer, Karen Ann Elizabeth Kriegel is a native New Yorker born in ‘the’ Bronx, New York and at present maintains both US and E.U. citizenship. Currently Ms. Kriegel resides in New York City. Performing all her life, Ms. Kriegel was introduced to Korean dance while she was attending Julliard by Dancer and Choreographer, Sohn In-Young.

Although Ms, Kriegel professionally identifies herself as a Fusion artist and Korean Folkloric dancer, she is interested in traditional dance from around the world and participates informally with Bhangra, Salsa, Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and on occasion works with various Butoh and Contemporary dancers.

Ms. Kriegel has taken instruction from traditional Korean dance masters in the Diaspora and masters from Korea. Among Ms. Kriegel’s master teachers were Designated National Treasures Cho Gong Rye and Han Dong Hee. In the New York Diaspora Ms. Kriegel has studied with Sohn In-Young, Sue Park of KTPAA (2008 NEA award winner), Kim Myoung Soo, Hwang Eun Jin, Lee Myoung Suk (Pompae), Song Hee Lee, and Yoon Soon Park, HoSun and YuSun Kang of Kook Ak Won KTMDI

Ms. Kriegel has competed and taken gold medals in several Korean dance competitions, performs regularly, teaches and lectures on Korean dance in schools and professional academic settings in the United States and abroad.

Working as a dance researcher since 2001; independently in the USA, Africa, Central America & Europe, and for agencies such as CID-UNESCO in Europe and the Middle East, where she initiated and integrated projects of cultural cooperation. In 2004 Ms. Kriegel created the "Dance Network" projects with a goal to keep artists connected and inspired nurturing the relationships of dancers across "dance genre" lines keeping creativity, inspiration, and innovation fresh. (NYC Dance Network, Athens Dance Network and the Dance Professionals Social Network). Ms. Kriegel’s work as a performer, lecturer and as a cultural liaison abroad lent itself well to her work as Dance Parade's Outreach Director 2007- 2009 and International Outreach Director 2009 – 2010 and a as a board member for Lotus world music and dance 2009-2010.

The latest projects include group fitness and personal training workshops after losing over 100 lbs with Dance and Personal training


Kanggangsualle – Intangible Cultural Dance Master Cho Gong Rye
Pompae – Yong Sang Jae – Jakpop –Master Dong Hee Sah Nihm


CID UNESCO – World Congress on Dance 2004 – 2009
School programs
Academic Lectures


Karen Kriegel Dance provides lectures, workshops and performances to schools, universities, community based organizations, and concert audiences, nationally and internationally.

Karen Kriegel Dance has been invited to give workshops, performances, and lectures and participates in competitions, parades & festivals throughout North America, North Africa, Europe, and Asia.



CPT – Certified Personal Trainer AAAI / ISMA
Group Fitness - IFPA
Senior Fitness - IFPA

Karen Kriegel
Dancer; Choreographer; Administrator
331 West 57th Street, Unit # 144, New York, New York 10019 U.S.A.
[00] 1-212-629-1999 Office (USA)

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