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Smart58's Bio

I was born 1958 and wanted to do ballet at the age of 15. But as things went I did not get a chance as I did not dare to express my wish and as I was turned down by a balletschool in town. They did not eaven want to know why I was in the door, all they wanted is that I leave as the girls could get insulted. It took a long time until I came back to it. In the age of 42 I then started in a balletschool. It was not an easy start as I was the only male in a group of adults. But they were very kind and the theacher exelent. I am happy that I am now going 2 to 3 times a week. It is a real chalange to my working day. I then went to the university of Bern/Switzerland and made a degree in "Dance and Culture". I do not hide my hobby and I have not to much of a problem anywere. It can take some explanation as men are usualy very much uninformed (to be polite) and the level of missunderstanding is high.

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