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Tamboula, a professional Afro-Haitian dance company provides intercultural experiences for people throughout the United States. This company brings a new style to the dance world of Chicago. It is composed of 15 (fifteen) members from Haiti, Africa, the Caribbean and the United States, who have the common goal of donating their time and efforts to benefit the Haitian dance heritage. Before migrating to the United States, Mr. Desir served as artistic director of the Grand Ballet Folklorique Tamboula díHaiti in Port-au-Prince. In addition to traditional Haitian dances such as Yanvalou, Kongo, Nago, Ibo, Dahomey and Mayi, Mr. Desir incorporates contemporary jazz and ballet technique in his repertoire. Mr. Desir proudly carries on the legacy of world-renowned Haitian master dancers: Jean-Leon Destine, Louines Louinis and Herve Maxi.

Founded in 2001 by artistic director, dancer, choreographer, Mr. Daniel Desir the Chicago based dance company has been celebrating the dance and culture of Haiti since its founding. Drawing largely from sacred traditions, Tamboulaís lively presentations unmask stereotypes while entertaining audiences and keeping the magic alive.

The companyís two main objectives are:

To preserve and promote Haitiís dance heritage by creating and presenting professional choreographic work build on Haitian, Afro-Haitian, and African traditions.

To establish cultural exchanges among all ethnic groups, by celebrating and educating them of Haitiís rich culture and the influence of African culture to the Americas and the world.

Tamboula achieves these objectives by its creation of educational, cultural and recreational events. Specifically, the company conducts workshops, lectures, performs in concerts and festivals to reach the greater community. The founding of Tamboula was exactly what was needed to add to the rich cultural diversity of Chicago. It is imperative that people learn about the rich cultural heritage of Haiti and its contribution to the Americas and the world. We hope, as stated in our mission to educate people throughout the world about the influence of African
traditional culture that makes Haiti the resume of Africa.

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