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I'm Team_Mom. I hope to always be able to inspire, motivate, and encourage dancers to reach beyond just the classroom.
I understand. Dancing doesn't end when high
school or college is over. It's just the beginning.
You just need to re-discover yourself.
You have to reach inside and pull out that emotion or creative thought that helps you understand that only you really have control over your life. Sometimes as dancers we fall down - we fall down in our lives, and we keep getting back up to the same old grind. It's time to stop that!
It's time to learn a new dance, a new style - a new way of thinking about dance.
I hope our website ( ) will help you learn a little about yourself. Maybe teach you to take a few risks and..... Go outside, or move back to town! Town is good too!
Maybe I am too earthy - but I know that when you lose site of nature - you lose yourself. But when you allow nature to touch you again - you regain a solid footing. Nature doesn't talk high rise, or digital. It talks 'you'.
We should all take time to dip our tired sore feet in the cool water.
Love always
Team Mom,

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By nadanca
On Sun Mar 16, 2008 11:26 PM
Hi, how are you?

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