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Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:39 AM
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twilight14's Bio

about me -

I'm female & I have been dancing since I could walk basically and I have been en pointe since I was around 10 1/2.My mom is Spanish and was born in Salamanca and my dad was born in California in the states. We moved to Britain when I was 6.So I have a dual citizenship/passport which is awesome :)
I have won over 20 + awards and I have been to 4 international contests. and 15+ national competitions. I regret that I didn't collect my pointe shoes from performances and keep them safe nor did I keep my first leotard which sucks :( Somewhere however I do have my first ever pair of pointe shoes :)Since beginning my coursework my dance rehearsals have been cut down from 8 a week to 5.Which is a big difference(well to me anyway and yes I mean 8 as I had a private lesson Saturday evening and regular class on the morning)
moving on -
I am wondering if anyone would be willing to donate a few pairs of used old pointe shoes for a sculpture/photography course I am doing .I plan on having a small triangular mountain of dead pointe shoes as the base and my newest pointe shoes for my next recital proudly in the en pointe position on the top :) I unfortunately didn't keep my pointe shoes from previous recitals/contests safe enough as I binned some and nearly all of the remaining shoes went into my loft and some are now unrecognisable and some are just plain old lost :(

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