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twirlgurl706's Bio

hi guys! it's kelley also know as alex, fello toast luver, kim possible, kelley pres-cot, captian, poe, motorboat kelley, and many more. i love my friends. no clue what i would do with out them. i go to ams... yeah the school with the stabbing. i have a great family. i like robots. and smiley faces. i think turkeys are cool. most likley you will see me in either rainbows, sperrys, or my sperry flip flops haha. my favorite thing to do is twirl baton! it is awesome! i love god. he is number one in my life. i am a honor roll student for about three years straight. my favorite place is in the house at church. it is a totally different environment than in the church. i love the song. Cinderella be Steven curtis chapman.

Dance is my life. basically my schedule would be during the school year:school dance homework and perhaps church if it is wed. most of my friends are from dance. i twirl at STARS! TWIRL STUDIO. in little ole' ayden. in little ole' north carolina. my friend chelsea is civics because i helped her with 2 of her civics homework while at the studio! arn't i a little smartie. Baton Twirling. Some people might think that it would be easy. Tell you the truth, it isnít. Baton Twirling takes practice, effort, ability, time, and hard work. I have been twirling for about five years and trust me, it is hard. But when people watch baton twirling, they just see a little girl spinning a shiny stick around and wearing frilly outfits, but thatís not even half of it. Practice usually consists of about one to two or even three hours a day and before a competition almost four hours a day. So you have to commit to baton twirling. i like to dance. *you have to say it in a baby voice to get the full effect!*

my church University Church of Christ. is awesome! i love all the people there. kelley, jenny, and allison. wow. is what people think when they hear that. we are ALWAYS together. we have gone to space in the classroom. my friend jenny recently got baptize and is a huge soccor girl. she is very crafty and loves to tell jokes-even though some of them aren't the best.haha. allison is a grammar freak and she knows that. haha. she likes to ride rollarcoasters and ride boats. she is a christain girl like the rest of us. our relationship with eachother as grown since chad came. who is chad? well he is our youth minister. he is friendly, scary, loving, weird, strange, but has a huge love for christ. his wife jillian is out there too sometimes. key word sometimes. she is very easy to get along with and has a good sense of humor. me and jenny will soon be in 8th grade and when we get into highschool we will have to leave allison with noah. but he is not that bad.

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