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victoria_88's Bio

Hey. My name is vicki. I'm almost 17 years old. I have been dancing for abot 5 years now. I do enough classes to keep me satisfied, but still, my main focus is on my education. When I graduate (20 months!) I plan to study business and eventually own my own recording studio. Music is practically my life. I play the violin, plus tenor and bari. saxaphones in 2 jazz bands. Im a happy person and I love hanging out with my friends. Im pretty easy going and I dont let too much bug me. I have a crazy dream of playing football someday. I love football and I'm reasonably good. Annnd yeah, thats me.

<br>I found this on this site, and Im bored....

<br>x What is your first name? Victoria
<br><br>x What is your second name? Marie
<br>x How old are you? 16
<br>x What is your zodiac sign? Scorpio
<br>/L/O/O/K/ A/T/ M/E/
<br>x Whats your natural hair color? Brown with some <br>natural red
<br>x What is your current hair color? same as above
<br>x What color are your eyes? Bright blue
<br>x Piercings? Ears and tragus
<br>x Tattoos? nope
<br>x Long or Short Hair? medium (it sits on my shoulders)
<br>x Straight or Curly? Curly, but I straighten it
<br>x How tall are you? about 5' 8"
<br>x Whats your shoe size? 8/9
<br>/C/U/R/R/E/N/T/L/Y/ W/E/A/R/I/N/G

<br>x What shirt are you wearing? 'the' black shirt
<br>x What kind of shorts/pants/ are you wearing? jeans
<br>x Underwear? yeah, im wearing some :P
<br>x Necklaces? some of the ones that sophia gave me, <br>and the one that Kris gave me
<br>x Braclets? nope
<br>x Lipgloss? Some blistex
<br>x Eyeliner? Brown
<br>x Any other make up?
<br>x Is your hair up or down? down (straight)

/T/H/I/S/ O/R/ /T/H/A/T/

<br>Rock or Rap? rock
<br>Coffee or Hot Cocoa? hot cocoa
<br>Baseball or Softball? baseball
<br>Wild Night out or Romantic Night in? Wild night out
<br>Hummer or Sports Car? Sports car
<br>Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
<br>Guy or Girl? Guys
<br>Braclet or Necklace? Necklace
<br>Pink or Purple? Purple
<br>History or Science? I like history, but Im hella good <br>at science
<br>Sleep in or Early to rise? during the school year I <br>get up at 4 am, but Im lucky if im out of bed before 11
<br>Beach or Boardwalk? boardwalk
<br>Hoodie or Tee Shirt? hoodie
<br>Night Or Day? Night
<br>Boxers or Briefs? Boxers
<br>High School or College? University
<br>White or Black? Black
<br>Jeans or Capris? Jeans
<br>Love or Fun? Love
<br>California or Florida? Florida
<br>Simple Plan or Good Charlotte? are you kidding me. Good Charlotte
<br>Love at first sight or Learn to Love? Love at first <br>sight happens, but its not like OMFG if it doesnt happen
<br>Babe or Baby? either is nice
<br>This Or That? That

/H/A/V/E/ Y/O/U/ E/V/E/R/

<br>Kissed the opposite sex? duh
<br>kissed the same Sex? hahaha, umm, yeah
<br>hugged someone? gawd yes
<br>was on the phone until the sun came up? yeah
<br>Put a song on repeat for more than 2 hours? "wish you <br>were here" by Pink Floyd
<br>laughed so hard u pissed in your pants? ahahah, no, I <br>dont think so
<br>got in a fight with someone(not including siblings )? <br>yeah, but it was with my friend.
<br>Got chased by the police? My uncle is a cop, and hes <br>chased me, but no
<br>Got in trouble with the police?nope
<br>Got detention? hahaha, for fighting with my friend
<br>Went to Juvy? No
<br>Stolen anything? A strawberry
<br>Crashed a party? Nope
<br>Got Wasted? well, no
<br>Slept past 4 in the afternooon? I was sick
<br>Dumped someone?
<br>Got Dumped?
^^to those 2 questions: we kinda dumped each other at the same time.
<br>rejected someone? I probably have unintentionally
<br>got rejected? yes
<br>Skipped School? no, im a good girl
/T/H/E/ L/A/S/T/

<br>person u talked to in person? my mom
<br>u talked to online? Dan
<br>person u called? Lindsay
<br>called u? Andrew
<br>movie u seen in the theaters? Monster in law
<br>thing u ate? A hotdog
<br>drank? Milk
<br>laughed? about 30 seconds ago
<br>time cried? When marissa left 2 weeks ago
<br>person u told u loved them? pfff. Alex I think
<br>time u took a shower? this morning

<br>Do you like surveys? Yes!
<br>What kind of shampoo do you use? Triage
<br>have you ever wonder what your life will be like 10 <br>years down the road? No, I know. I will be in <br>school...still
<br>Are you scared of what life will be like in 10 years? <br>Yes. I will be horribly in debt
<br>Do you get along with your parents? hells yes
<br>Are you old enough to vote? not yet
<br>Are you happy? Very
<br>Are you sad? No
<br>Do you have mental breakdowns? uhh, no
<br>Did you ever tell you parents u didnt feel good so you <br>didnt have to go to school? Nope
<br>Do you have a cell phone? yes

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