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x_Nic_x's Bio

Ok, felt like this needed an update! Here are some random and interesting facts about me! :)

My name is Nicola, I'm 17 and English. I live in the South-East of England, kind of near London.

My favourite colour is emerald green.

People say I have a really posh voice, but I don't think I do at all!

I'm a bit of a nerd - I love the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars!

My favourite drink is apple and blackcurrant squash (I'm never going to grow out of it :P) but at parties, I like to drink Pina Calada.

My favourite food is sweetcorn, and I could not live without my branflakes!

Styles of dance I'm doing/have done in the past: ballroom, ballet (briefly), jazz, contemporary, salsa, bollywood, Latin American, modern, tap.

I make friends easily because I am easy to get on with! Or so I'm told. I am friendly, though, and if you get into a conversation with me, I'm pretty sure you won't dislike me straight away...

My favourite cars are Mini Coopers - I'd love to own one!

I have lots of irrational fears, including hoovers, hurricanes and sparklers!

My ambition when I'm older is to become a writer. I WILL write a best-seller one day! It's my mission in life. I also want to move to New York.

Another mission in life for me is to be bilingual - I'm nearly there at French, but I can't understand a word of it when a native speaker is talking!

My most embarrassing moment was when I went on an adventure-type weekend with my school mates, we went skiing and I slid down the slope backwards after getting off the ski lift!

The scariest moment of my young life was getting attacked by monkeys :O <-- if ever you want to read about my "exciting" life!

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat!

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Comments about x_Nic_x

By ScotchGirl
On Fri Jul 04, 2008 10:01 PM
Hi, I just wanted to say I love reading your posts because they are always really insightful and I can tell you put a lot of though into them. =)
By Ilovedaballerina
On Mon Apr 14, 2008 08:26 AM
Hello Nicola, I didn't mean all at the same time (physically impossible anyway); just that I have a wide taste. Michael Bublé's a great singer too. What do you reckon about Harry Connick Jr? All the very best ILAB
By BooPops
On Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:50 PM
Hey honey, just tried to add you as a friend but you need to be a full member first! So you need to post more than 50 comments! Let me know when you have xoxoxox

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