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I quit my job!! 0
Advice on getting a serving job? 2
handing in notice- 1 week 9
What cities are known for their big advertising agencies? 10
Working weekends, Commission, Indecisiveness 11
If you work in a Digital Department in an Advertising Agency.. click here! 1
Linkedin Question.. kind of dumb but I'm gonna ask it anyway! 4
Moving vs. Staying vs. Interning vs. Staff Member LONG 8
Best USA cities with public transportation.. visually impaired, need guidance 17
Anyone involved/works in the communications world- advertising/pr/marketing? 1
A job that fits around dance and school? 0
Is this crazy? Really need words of wisdom! 9
social media question.. 3
Make Actual Commericals for Big Brands.. 5
Is this appropriate? 3
Full time job outside of my field or internship in my field??? (Cross posted, time sensitive) 1
Medical Assisting 8
I went to apply for a job, but was told they don't like to hire women 18
Letter of resignation advice? time sensitive 5
"Reason for leaving" 2
Applied for a job, pretty sure it's a scam unfortunately. Help? 18
Should I stay or should I go? 18
References... 6
Internship is raising career questions...Advice? 4
My boss decided I needed stress leave and is lying about me. I need to vent. 12

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